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Russian Woman

A Russian Woman is pretty, faithful, feminine, tender and devoted, she has strong moral values, she is cultured, thoughtful and flexible.

The hardship she lives trough makes her courageous, smart and humble, with an excellent adaptability. She is attached to true traditional family values. The criteria of a Russian woman in the choice of her future companion are not about his height, social and financial situation, they focus on his moral values.

That is the case of all our members who expressed the desire to create a family and are looking for Love, Sincerity, Tenderness and Respect.

Nowadays, a great number of Russian women have not managed to find happiness in their country. Unfortunately, not all Russian men are sincere, honest, affectionate, stable, respectful and ready to take on the responsibility of their couple. There are also problems of alcohol, violence, infantilism that exist in the Russian society.

The most important thing for a Russian Women is to succeed in her sentimental life and she is ready to leave her country to find love abroad.

These women look only for love. Think about it.

Natalia, 41 y.o., St Petersburg

OLGA, 37 y.o., Moscow

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