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How to order the addresses of Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian women

Start by looking for the announcements that would interest you (Photo Album menu and Search menu).

Click on the photo to get the details of the member profile and click "Add to selection" to add the candidate to your basket order. (Selection menu).

After having selected the candidates that interest you, click on Order menu and follow the instructions to validate your order.

To increase your chances, we advise you to select several announcements.
Further advice on the correspondence with Russian women...

You can order the addresses per unit :
- 1-2 addresses, 15.00 euros per unit
- 3-3 addresses, 13.00 euros per unit
- 4-5 addresses, 11.00 euros per unit
- 6-6 addresses, 10.00 euros per unit
- 7-8 addresses, 9.00 euros per unit
- 9-9 addresses, 8.50 euros per unit
- 10-29 addresses, 8.00 euros per unit
- 30 and more, 6.00 euros per unit

You can also become member of our site and get advantage of our best rates and future promotions :
 - Standard member :   10 addresses,   3 months membership,   0 translations,   80 euros
 - Privilege member :   30 addresses,   6 months membership,   2 translations,   150 euros
 - Premium member :   60 addresses,   12 months membership,   6 translations,   270 euros

The site membership will allow you to have a discount on ! travelling to Russia !
 - Standard member :   - 5 %
 - Privilege member :   - 10 %
 - Premium member :   - 15 %

There is also a possibility to become a guest member of our site. As for the other types of membership, it will give you the following advantages : better management of the addresses you order (they are kept in your profile), memorizing of your search criteria (age, height, weight, region, languages), update on new offers and promotions.
Take advantage of it ! It is free of charge.

Online registration

You can also choose another more personalized and absolutely reliable way :
  - to go on a trip to Russia organized by our company with our assistance during the trip
  - to subscribe to a Personalized Service. We take on the entire search process mobilizing our experience and expertise. We let Russian members choose you as well !

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