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I left Russia several years ago when I met a Frenchman, my future husband. I decided at the time to let other Russian women attain happiness in the same way.

More than 10 years experience in the domain of Russian-French contacts (I started this business in one of the first Franco-Russian agencies in Moscow in 1992) allow me to offer you a whole range of services and satisfy different types of demands and requirements.

The agency Accords Franco-Russes is specialized in establishing contacts between Russian women and Frenchmen exclusively with the objective of a durable relationship or marriage. We have offices in the Russian capitals : Moscow and Saint Petersburg and we also have members from all over Russia, Byelorussia and the Ukraine.

The agency Accords Franco-Russes has become the leader in the domain thanks to its individualized approach, deep knowledge of traditions, mentality and expectations of Russian women (we have both French and Russian staff) and expertise as to the organization of contacts.

Our local representatives ensure a warm welcome, they are always ready to listen to you and provide quick and efficient services. Besides, we collaborate with the best Russian matrimonial agencies that have thousands of candidates in their files.

The partnership with Russian travel agencies allow us to offer you the best rates for travelling in Russia and inviting your Russian guests.

Wishing you the best of luck and happiness to your future couple,

Viktoria Buchon.
General Manager Accords Franco-Russes

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