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Happiness may be just two steps away...
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Loneliness is Problem No 1 in our modern society.
Act ! It's never too late.

Are you attached to moral values and you cannot find a woman who would share them with you ?
Are you dreaming of love?
You have the right to be happy. Don't hesitate : dare to be happy. Turn yourself towards Russia.
All our members look for durable relationship, they have plenty of love and tenderness to share. May be it will be you ?

Are you ready ? Choose now the method you prefer, depending on your search strategy, requirements, availability and possibilities.
We have the following services "Ó la carte" to offer :

Solution 1 : Correspondence

You have the possibility to get in contact with Slav women directly on the site. You consult their photos and profile. You can write to the woman of your choice or get in touch with her via Internet.
All the announcements are recent and updated regularly to offer you a service of high quality.
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Solution 2 : Trip to Russia

You travel directly to Russia to meet the maximum of women in a minimum time period..
You consult the files of the members in out partner Russian agencies (their profiles are not on line for confidentiality reasons). Upon agreement of the selected persons, you meet them right away.

You will be assisted by the Russian consultants knowing perfectly well their members and will get help in all the administrative issues.
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Solution 3 : Personalized Service

You get full time assistance : search, contacts, rendezvous, couple construction.

You will meet the female members that "Accords Franco-Russes" has evaluated and selected for you in accordance with their serious-mindedness, motivation and temperament (their profiles are not available online). Thus, you will have the possibility to establish an exclusive and quality relationship with them and find the Woman of your life.

At this moment, this solution is only available in Metropolitan France.
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